Micheal has been passionate about home construction since discovering Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes in high school—and building a dome of his own at the age of 14. He renovated his first home—a 100-year-old log cabin—as a fine arts student at the University of Arkansas in 1974. He has been applying his artist’s sensibilities and passion for elegant construction to the building of beautiful environments ever since. A collaborator by nature, he appreciates being part of the start-to-finish team and contributing solutions that enhance the site, please the client, and make sense for the environment. He has assembled a crew of outstanding craftsmen, as well as relationships with top-quality subcontractors, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in creating beautiful living and work spaces. Whatever the project, Micheal Parks Construction., strives to employ traditional craftsmanship, along with the best tools and technologies, to create beautiful, long-lasting, living environments for the benefit of our clients and our community.

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